Now a day’s most people in this world suffer from piles. And question is arise what is piles and what we can do in this situation. People are also not aware about piles. Medically speaking, ‘Piles’ are swollen blood vessels in the anal canal. They usually occur when a person suffers from chronic constipation and straining at stool because of poor diet / smoking / bad genetics. Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, occur when the veins in the rectal region become inflamed. As a result, people end up experiencing the pain and embarrassment that piles bring over and over again.


Piles are mostly painless. They bleed like drops after bowels. Sometimes it is very painful and patients can’t handle this condition. Piles may not be associated with a swelling initially but one begins to feel it in the second and third stages of piles or in external piles. Hemorrhoids symptoms are permanently felt and become painful when they reach the fourth stage when blood clots in them.


Early stages of piles are never operated and need only medications, good high fiber diet with plenty of liquids to prevent constipation and straining. Piles in the third stage and beyond need surgery and today there are many improved techniques for piles treatment which considerably decrease pain and speeden recovery with shorter hospital stays.


High fiber diets with plenty of liquids work best. If you have constipation – then get an appointment with Dr. Vikram Bedi Do not exert too much pressure while passing stools.

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